I'm a self-taught software developer who's fascinated by the technology startup ecosystem. I love to learn whatever I need to learn to get things done, and am excited by new technologies. I'm also passionate about literature, history, philosophy, design, typography and education.

Work experience

Engineering Manager, Uber (since July 2013)

I've been managing a team of engineers since July 2013. You may find some of my writing about engineering management on my blog.

Software Developer, Uber (2012 - 2013)

At Uber ("everyone's private driver"), I've been working on our Python and Javascript codebase, writing and improving existing web applications (back-end and front-end). Here's a couple open source projects I've worked on:

faberNovel (2010-2012)

faberNovel helps big companies think and act like startups. I took part in strategic consulting missions, as well as designed and implemented new services & products for large companies.

I participated in two of faberNovel's annual studies. Both have been featured on TechCrunch and were very well received:

As a product manager on a couple project, I also did a little bit of software development. Following the DRY philosophy, I also wrote some Omnigraffle scripts in AppleScript to streamline my wireframing work-flow.


I first studied history, economy, political sciences and law at Sciences Po Rennes, then went to the engineering school École Centrale to study technology & strategy in Paris, France.

I wrote a dissertation about Google Chrome: Free Software as a launching platform.